“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”  
Lao Tzu

Small Space Music brings together curious listeners- dedicated music venues - and live music made by local creative musicians. Our venue partners and music presenters offer an array of musical styles, approaches and experiences.

We are not here to decide for you, only to let you know it exists and where you can find it.

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Why We Are Here

We at SSM believe that art and culture is a reflection of society and the glue that helps us all navigate the world we live in.  In Victoria alone over 250 languages are spoken.  We consume food, fashion and art from all over the globe and our contribution to the rest of the world punches well above our weight.

SSM serves to point the curious listener in the direction of locally made, independent creative music, music that you might love but have never heard of. We believe YOU are the best judge of how you want to interact with society, not algorithms.  As we know, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music and most commercially driven media provide a convenient service; but they are not here to serve us.  SSM lets you know what & where live music is happening in the spaces.  The rest is all your choice.